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Lecture Series on Principles of Mechanical Measurements

                                                                                  --------- by Prof. R. Raman

Lecture Series on Computer Aided Design

...                         Dr.Anoop Chawla,

                   Department of Mechanical Engineering ,IIT Delhi.

Lecture Series on Materials Science

                              ------ by Prof.SK. Gupta

Lecture Series on Dynamics of Machines

-                                ------------by Prof. Amitabha Ghosh

------                                -----------Department of Mech...

Lecture Series on Kinematics of Machines

                                       -------- by Prof. Asok Kumar Mallik

                                  --------- Department of ..mechanical engg .

Lecture Series on Mechanics of Solids

-                                          --------- -------by Prof.M.S.Siva Kumar ,

                                        Department of Applied Mechanics ,I.I.T.Madras

MIT professor Walter Lewin discusses course 8.01

                                                               Classical Mechanics

Lecture Series on Finite Element Method

--------- by Prof. C.S.Uppadhay

MIT 5.60 Thermodynamics & Kinetics, Spring 2008

Lecture Series on

Advanced strength of materials

----------- by Prof. S.K.Maiti

------------ Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Bombay ...

Lecture series on Engineering Mechanics

------------------ by Prof. Manoj Harbola,

Lecture Series on Heat and Mass Transfer


                                          Prof. S.P.Sukhatme and Prof. U.N.Gaito...

                                 Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Lecture Series on Design of Machine Elements - I

--------- ---by Prof. B. Maiti,

Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

Lecture Series on Robotics

------------- by Prof. C. Amarnath,,,prof. B.Seth,Prof.K.Kurien Issac,

----------- Prof.P.S.Gandhi,Prof.P.Seshu

---- --Department of Mechanical Engineering ,IIT Bombay...

Manufacturing Processes II


Prof.ABChattopadhyay, Prof. AK Chattopadhyay and Prof. S. Paul

Department of Mechanical Engineering ...

Lecture series on Project and Production Management

---------by Prof. Arun kanda,

-------Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT ,Delhi

Manufacturing Processes I

Metal manufacturing processes, including traditional machining, computer numerical control,

and thermal metal cutting/joining; measurement, layout, and inspection techniques

as applied to integrated manufacturing systems;

coverage of threads, fasteners, and geometric dimensioning and tolerance

Manufacturing Processes II.

Processes and techniques used to fabricate industrial materials into

useful products ; techniques covered include casting and molding,

forming, separating, conditioning, assembling, finishing;

CNC programming concepts and process design and control.

Lecture Series on  Building Materials and Construction

--------------- by Dr .B.Bhattacharjee,

Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Delhi.

Lecture Series on Introduction to Transportation Engineering

------ by Prof. Bhargab Maitra and Prof. K. Sudhakar Reddy,

----- Department of Civil Engineering .IIT ,Kharagpur..

Lecture Series on Surveying

------- by Prof. Bharat Lohani,

Department of Civil Engineering IIT kanpur

Lecture Series on Fluid Mechanics

------by Prof. T.I.Eldho

------------- Dept. of Civil Engineering IIT,Bombay

Lecture Series on Structural Analysis II

--- --- -------by Prof. P. Banerjee,

-------- ---Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay

.Lecture Series on Soil Mechanics

by Prof.B.V.S.Viswanadham and Prof.G.Venkatachalam,

Departmen t of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay

Building Process Series



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